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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning care in London by I-shine cleaning Service!

Carpet can be one of the most expensive items to purchase for the home. So, when  considering carpet cleaning and maintenance, you will want the best for them.

Carpets act as filter in the home and collect all sorts of dust, grit and soil. Whilst vacuuming on a regular basis will alleviate some of this problem, it does not remove those deep down soil that attach them self to the fibers. Professional carpet cleaning will release those problematic soils and assist in maintaining the original look and lustre of your carpet.

before and after cleaning carpet cleaning with machine

Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning has been traditionally regarded as a cosmetic service to remove stains and improve the appearance of soft furnishing.

Now, with improved knowledge and much more general concern, cleaning for the benefit of health has been of vital importance.

Carpet cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning and upholstery, by a fully trained professional, will significantly reduce the amount of allergens in your home and the chance of you or your family being affected by them.

Carpet cleaning I-Shine Cleaning Service provides superior carpet cleaning care in London.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our effective two-step carpet cleaner process. We offer carpet cleaning protection to extend its cleanliness as well as deodorizers for a fresh, long-lasting scent.

Not all types of rugs can withstand powerful rug cleaners and that is why we use products that will not cause damage, but clean effectively. We handle all rugs and carpets with care and to properly clean the rug without damaging it, we have made sure we are equipped with gentle but effective cleaners. Upon request, we can also deodorize carpets for a long-lasting fresh and clean scent. We also have fabric protector for those sensitive fabrics.

Carpet Cleaning Experts

Our carpet cleaning experts will inspect your carpet or area rug for heavy traffic stains, pet stains, spills, or any other problem areas. Most furniture is moved carefully for access to hard to clean areas.

They will then proceed with our two-step deep clean process:

  1. First, a special heat activated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt.
  2. Lastly, our carpet cleaning expert will follow through with a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution.

After all work is complete, our experts carefully inspect the area to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied. If not, we will fix it right then and there.

For an additional cost, we provide a carpet cleaning protector and deodorizer upon request. This is highly recommended to all of our carpet customers because it helps to restore protective properties to your carpet. This in turn, makes it easier to care for.