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About us

I-Shine are young and energetic people catering to a wide range of clientele, based in London serving the home counties and surrounding areas. We are cleaning company in London.

We maintain close relationship with our customers and are always looking for ways to add value. We are very keen on providing the right people for the job, all of our friendly cleaning technicians are experienced, fully trained and vetted, whilst ensuring the client’s requirements are always met.

The domestic and corporate cleaning in London include: 

Office Cleaning Domestic Cleaning
  • washing windows;
  • balconies;
  • windows and other glass surfaces;
  • Remove dust from the radiator, lights, doors, vents, baseboards and other hard surfaces;
  • removal of dust from the walls and ceilings;
  • polishing wooden floors.
  • cleaning and disinfection of toilets, and all existing plumbing and tile;
  • cleaning the kitchen (fridge, stove hood, furniture, dishes) removal of dirt and fat;
  • removal of dust and polish furniture, office equipment;
  • wet cleaning of the floor (hand or machine);
  • cleaning of escalators, elevators.

We know that the foundation of every successful business relationship is reliability and trust; the high standards of work ethic and satisfaction at our company ensure the efficient and professional service which you, as our valued customer, can expect from us.

Why not tell us about your needs so we can see what we can do for you I-Shine Cleaning Services maintain high levels of punctuality and reliability in all of our staff.

Our company has a large staff of trained personnel, administrative management, specialized equipment that allows to clean the large spaces in the shortest line.

Let I-Shine Cleaning Services do the house cleaning so you have more time to spend on what’s important to you.
The basic activity of the company I-Shine Cleaning is related entirely with the professional cleaning of homes-apartments, houses and offices.

More over we provide services in a professional cleaning for individuals, organizations, government agencies, commercial enterprises of London and London region.

Separately, you can order:

  • dry-cleaning upholstery, carpet, curtains, blinds and other interior items.

Individual approach, a clear organization of the process, professionalism and responsibility of our staff, personal manager, attached to each object – an opportunity to provide the optimal maximum of services and high quality service. In our work we use a professional cleaning equipment and chemicals world’s leading manufacturers.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

I-Shine Cleaning performs full cleaning, including machine washing of soft floor covers, carpеts and pieces of furniture by means of combined methods, window washing, joineries, blinds, shop-windows etc, as well as cleaning of the entire internal furnishing.
We are completely committed to the continuous improvement of our operations and we are working with certify cleaning products.

We have professionally trained, specialized cleaning technicians that work in teams with a permanent quality assurance leader. These distinctions make us unique in our local market. Our cleaning program cleans all areas of your home every time we provide our services. The traditional approach to our cleaning manual is supported by most of the form a new cleaning equipment cleaning equipment leaders.

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Appliances cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Stairs cleaning

You can order a comprehensive cleaning and individual work.

Determine the cost of calling the manager, you can view for free or by phone to inform the general footage of the premises and list the kinds of work necessary to allow an office manager to determine the cost of services in absentia.


Cleaning Services London

Our organization is focused primarily on the provision of such services as high-quality cleaning of almost any complexity.

Long and faithful experience of employees, the key to efficiency and impeccable services offered in the cleaning, office cleaning, cleaning apartments and house cleaning.

Professional cleaning of office and house cleaning is carried out along with industrial washing facades and windows at high altitudes and, of course, in inaccessible locations. Also, our company provides services like cleaning of warehouse and industrial. Flat cleaning, cleaning homes and offices can be cleaned, dry and wet.

Employees of our cleaning company are fluent in the methods of work on cleaning service, were for cleaning virtually all types, such as cleaning houses Elite class, high-altitude work, chemical and mechanical removal of dirt, “general” industrial cleaning and storage.

Our company has the equipment for professional cleaning – comprehensive cleaning of industrial, office cleaning, cleaning apartments, as well as cleaning the house, besides cleaning up after the repair and construction works.