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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Services London

All  houses needs a deep  clean every now and again.Wether is cleaning windows,window frames,skirtings or paintings, or just cleaning kitchen cupboards and oven,it all needs more attention from time to time. So if you have decided that you need your house to be cleaned upside down,and in every corner touched, or even clean your carpet, then you are not far from there.

Just a phone call away and all this will be done for you with pleasure.It doesn’t matter whether is your home or your office we will be more then glad to take care of your needs

Telephone: 0208-460-5174

The list of works included in the spring cleaning:

  • Machine spring cleaning of hard floors (granite, marble, tile, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.)
  • Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture (remove stubborn stains and dirt during cleaning)
  • Remove dust and dirt from the upper parts of walls, vents, wall protrusions washer door units cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces
  • cleaning of sinks, sanitary ware, toilet bowls, urns, accessories spring cleaning and disinfection (tiles, toilets, bathrooms, showers, etc.)
  • Wiping dust and dirt removal from all horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Washing windows, windows, facades
  • cleaning after renovations
  • Spring cleaning after repair
  • cleaning after a fire, flood
  • Spring cleaning car interiors
  • Coated polymer films
  • Crystallization of hard surfaces
  • Polishing of marble and granite
  • Maintenance of communications
  • cleaning of blinds
  • cleaning and garbage collection

While spring cleaning our company uses only certified, professional chemical agents.

Clean rooms — one of the most important factors affecting the company’s image. Cleaning Services can deal with all matters relating to the cleaning of any type and complexity. General cleaning — a one-time thorough cleaning with special spring cleaning equipment and professional chemical agents, which includes the removal of contaminants of any kind. Room cleaning is carried out according to the highest European standards by trained professionals.